Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Soros MASSIVE Migrant Push; $500 Million Pledge...

"Announced against the backdrop of an ongoing U.N. summit in New York, Soros explained that he wished to harness the power of the private sector for public good."

It is precarious at best that Soros cares about migrants or poor people. What he does he care about? Historically it is disrupting national markets with social and political unrest so he can make money selling short in the currency market.

The refugee influx represents an economic manipulation, and they work for less money when the manipulation starts. They have nothing to lose, and in Europe, they have begun to riot and fight the system if they don't get their ways.


George Soros to invest $500 million in help for refugees

Angela Merkel signals she may back down from open-door refugee policy after disastrous Berlin election

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