Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Security Researcher Investigated Bangladesh Bank Hack Goes Missing

A cyber crime expert has disappeared after cyber heist from Bangladesh’s central bank.

In a weird turn of events, one of the security researchers who voiced their criticism at the central bank’s security measures disappeared on Wednesday night.

Bangladesh police met an official of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Dhaka to try to track down culprits in an attempted $951 million cyber heist from the country’s central bank.

According to reports, the transfer, one of the largest cyber heists in history, was among 35 requests that unknown hackers made for payments from the bank’s New York Fed account in early February.

In a scam that shocked the financial world, unknown hackers tried to steal around $1 billion from Bangladesh’s deposits with the US Federal Reserve in New York on February 5, using information stolen through the malware.

They got away with $81 million which was entered into the banking system of the Philippines while some amount to the Sri Lanka visibly to be used in casino businesses.

The issue came to surface only after a month and resulted in major changes to Bangladesh Bank’s management.

According to BDNews24, Zoha was a former collaborator of Bangladesh's ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Division and worked with various government agencies in the past. It appears that his comments about the Bangladesh central bank cyber-heist were made working as a "shadow investigator" for a security company that family members declined to name.

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